Building Resilience in 2021

Free interactive webinar with our holistic doctor and pharmacist team

Wednesday 27 January 2021, 6 – 7 pm, online

As we move into the New Year and the pandemic continues to be apart of our daily lives, the NCIM team would like to support you in making your health and wellbeing a priority in 2021 and revisit our very first webinar which looked at using an integrative health care approach to building personal resilience – mental, emotional and physical wellbeing

This event is for anyone who would like to learn more about Integrative Medicine and how itcan support your immunity during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Come and meet theNCIM Holistic Doctor and Pharmacist team, as well as our Nutrition for Wellbeing Lead, andexplore the evidence for how integrative approaches to wellness such as Nature-Connection, Nutrition and understanding supplements, can boost your resilience as wemove into the new year.

Programme, Wednesday 27 January 2021, 6 – 7 pm:
  • Dr Elizabeth Thompson: IM and COVID-19 – Boosting Your Resilience
  • Saba James: Food Matters: An Adaptive Approach to Eating Well
  • Dr Duncan Still: Boosting Resilience through Movement and Nature-Connection
  • Kiriaki Marselou: Sourcing High-quality Supplements and Drug-Herb Interactions
  • Question Time
  • Dr Elizabeth Thompson: Closing Remarks

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